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Interview with Ankur Mehrotra, CEO of Deliveryoncall
Posted On: 12-12-2012 00:00:00 12 (DOC) is designed to be Noida’s genie on a phone. You make your wish (online or over the phone) and the genie grants it to you – for free! Conditions apply of course. Retail Angle spoke to Ankur Mehrotra, CEO of the company and learnt the following.

DOC is the brainchild of Ankur Mehrotra, a 32 year old erstwhile banker, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. The website offers its customers the facility of ordering for restaurant food, grocery, bakery products, even meats and pet products either online or by making a call on the DOC phone line. DOC achieves this by tying up with local retailers. The business model offers the retailer an online and home delivery platform in return for a commission on sales. Once the order comes in, the DOC representative picks up the order from the concerned retailer, and takes it for delivery. There is therefore no investment in stocking and warehousing. A team of 6 tele-callers and 20 delivery boys have been recruited to support the business. Having said that, persuading the local retailers to share margin has been the biggest challenge of the business so far.

The site finds favor with working couples, housewives and old people who have learnt about the site from pamphlets that DOC has been distributing in the area. At the end of its first year of operation, the business has clocked a turnover of Rs 1.5 core, has a customer base of 3,500 (of which many are repeat customers) and an average bill size of Rs 400/-.

A quick (rough) calculation with the numbers available would reveal about 100 transactions a day on the average. The aim is to increase this by increasing the number of products on offer. Presently orders from restaurants is the biggest business, with Mithas leading the pack, to be followed by Southern Treat (all local NOIDA based retail/ food offers).

Besides commission from the retailer, the business tries to focus on logistical efficiencies (combining deliveries of customers located in the same sector). Given that the average order size is Rs 400/- and the minimum order size is as low as Rs 200/- for Mithas and Rs 150 for Gulati’s restaurant, it does beg the question if the revenue share can even cover the cost of delivery of the food unless the business is able to combine it with other deliveries.

The business is currently self funded. The facility is currently available only in Noida, but will soon be extended to Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ludhiana. For those interested in knowing more please visit


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